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Bridgewater Takes Boys New England Crown in First Annual Crafty 3x3 Championship

By League Staff, 10/31/17, 9:00AM EDT


Close Battle with Attleboro As 13 Towns Represented.

The First Annual Crafty 3x3 New England Boys Championships concluded this past weekend with two individual champions and 10 all-stars named for each of the two boys divisions.  Coupled with the individual champions, Crafty Basketball 3x3 also tracks the performances of players in all divisions to name a town champion.  

Similar in format to a swim meet or cross country meet, each player competes for their individual crown, but all players competing also potentially contribute results towards their town standings.  Crafty games are 6 minutes in duration, and the winning players (randomly selected before each game and rotated after each game) are given 3 points each for the win.  Crafty tracks how many winning points each player accumulates throughout the 7 game tournament.  Each time an individual participates on a winning team, they also contribute towards their town standings.  Crafty pulls the top five point earners from each town to determine the town champion winner, while all players from that town receive champion T shirts for the win.

Two division championships were held this weekend for the boys 5th-6th and boys 7th-8th grade.  13 different towns were represented by  nearly 70 players in both divisions who earned invites from strong play during their participation in Crafty 3x3 leagues held earlier this year.  The divisions are combined to determine the overall town champion.

The boys 5th-6th division set the tone early for the remainder of the day, as Bridgewater, Attleboro, and Mansfield all had strong showings.  Attleboro’s Hayden Crowley (18 points) (Co Champion) let a strong contingent of Attleboro players that put 4 players in the top 10.  Bridgewater’s Ben Rumrill (Co Champion) and teammate Michael Rein (3rd place on a tie-breaker and each with 18 points) countered to give Bridgewater a strong start. Fellow Bridgewater teammate Devlin Maloney also finished in the top 10 with 12 points. Mansfield’s Sean Higgins and Brandon Jackman each finished strong to put Mansfield in contention.  At the end of the 5th-6th division, the top 5 players from each town had Attleboro in the lead with 60 points to Bridgewater’s 56 and Mansfield’s 50 points.  Other towns in the mix included Natick with five players that put up 25 points.   

With the 5th-6th complete, the 7th-8th division was set up for battle as Bridgewater, Mansfield and Attleboro were well represented with strong players.  Natick had no representatives in the next group, but Newton, Sharon, and several other towns had players capable of making a statement.        

As the champion game ended, it was still unclear who would take the title.  Attleboro’s Robert Pombriant took home the individual title while contributing 21 points on 7 wins, while Sharon joined the party with a close second place finish by Zach Needle (18 points) and top 11 performance by Zander Lai.  But Bridgewater again used strong numbers and top performances to overtake Attleboro, as Noah Perry and Peyton Fernandez put in 16 and 15 points each and Bridgwater 79 total, while Pombriant’s 21 was the only score used by Attleboro out of this group to push Attleboro to 73 points. Mansfield did not able to add to its 5th-6th grade total, while Newton made a valiant run to rack up 38 points to finish fourth and Sharon fifth with 27.

The girls Crafty 3x3 Championships are set for Saturday November 4th at Mansfield High School from 5-7 PM, where new individual champions and a town champion will be crowned.