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New England Crafty 3x3 Tournaments

Canton's Ahn Ngo captures girls 7-8th New England Title

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Crafty 3x3 Summer Prep Elite Sprinting to Final Day

By League Staff 06/21/2018, 3:30pm EDT

Competition Fierce as Players Have Top Spots in Sight

The Crafty 3x3 Elite League at Mass Premier Courts completed week 3 last Friday with some movement on the leaderboard heading into the final night.  The league represents an invitation only group of players grades 4-7 who have excelled in previous Crafty leagues.

After week 3, Attleboro’s Hayden Crowley (12-6-0, 220 points) sustained his lead from week two with 4 wins in five games played, picking up 63 total points on the night. Henry Geyson (10-7-1, 200 points) and Dante Monestime (9-7-3, 200 points) are now nearly deadlocked for second, but Geyson slipped ahead as he has played one fewer game than Monestime.  Logan Gosselin continues to chip away at the leaderboard, moving into 4th from 6th the previous week with 170 total points, while Tyler Bruno is just behind in 5th with 168 points. Elijah Sye, who missed the previous week, put together an exceptional night to move back into the top 6 with 152 points on just 13 games played. His 10-1-2 overall record is the best in the league to date.   

A single player will ultimately win the 3x3 league with additional all-stars crowned on championship day.  For every game played, all players are awarded the total points scored by their team, plus players earn 4 bonus points towards their standings when they play on any winning team and two points for a tie. To win the league, players are encouraged to win games and to have their teams score as many points as possible during each game, win or lose.  Every point scored by a team ultimately gets rewarded to the players, and every win or tie adds to that total score. The games are short, lasting only 6 minutes, and players are randomly rotated to new teams after each game. The 3x3 games are scored using the Crafty Bonus Point system, rewarding scoring plays from backdoor cuts, assisted passes, and other screens that lead to a made basket.


This coming week is championship week as we start to narrow down to the final game to name an overall champion and a division champion (top player in their age bracket if not the overall champion)   A total of six All Stars will be named from this group.

The league concludes on Friday, June 22nd, 6:00 PM at Mass Premier Courts.

Full Standings can be found at this link.  

How To Win Individual and Town Titles

How can I win a 3 on 3 tourney as an individual?

All Crafty Leagues and Tournaments are scored using the Crafty Bonus Point System.  Games are just 6 minutes in duration and scored using the Crafty Bonus Point format - awarding teams bonus points for executing back door cuts, screen/curl combinations, slip screens, and assisted baskets that result in a made basket.   All players on the winning team at the end of each game are awarded 2 points towards their personal standings.   At the end of each game, the teams are mixed with new players, and the process repeats.  

After 4 “pool play” games are completed we rank each player in the tournament for the next round and teams are formed based on those rankings.  To win the tournament a total of 8 games would be played, with the individual player who accumulates the most winning points crowned as champion.  5 first team all-stars and 5 second team all-stars are also named for each division.

Bragging Rights!  Win points for your town - claim the town championship!   

Do you think your town has the smartest players in New England? Now there is a way to prove it.

With players from nearly 20 towns already qualifying for the New England Championships, including your town, there is a buzz to see which town can claim to have the smartest players in New England.   

Every time a registered player competes on a winning team during the New England Championships they earn points towards their town to take home the title.   We combine the points earned by the top 5 finishers for each town for the boys division, and the top 5 girls finishers for the girls division - whatever town accumulates the most points wins the town division title.   

It’s important that towns enter as many players as possible to increase their chances to accumulate points.   Players already invited for their performance in a previous sponsored Crafty league are automatically entered into the top division.  

Players who have not previously qualified through a Crafty League can also compete by entering in the open division.  The top 3 players from each open division are selected to advance to the final rounds. There are a limited number of spots available for the open division.


New England Individual Champion and All Star Trophies

Taunton Champion and All Stars

Winchester Champion and All Stars