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3 on 3 Leagues for Read and React Basketball

What is Crafty Basketball?

Crafty Basketball is a unique brand of 3 on 3 designed so that certain types of scoring plays (back door cuts, assisted baskets) receive more points than 1 on 1 scoring plays. The league emphasizes crafty, smart basketball, and it will improve the basketball I.Q. of every player in your program from youth divisions all the way through college level and beyond.


Spring 2018 MPC Champions

Boys 4-5th, and 6th-7th Champions

Questions? Learn How Crafty is Different

See Why Crafty 3x3 is So Popular

Crafty 3x3 Leagues Make the Difference

There is simply no better way for players of any age to improve their basketball IQ and confidence than through a Crafty Basketball 3x3 League. It's fun, exciting, and provides invaluable repetitions for players to pass, cut, score, and make big plays.

  • Action Packed Leagues "My daughter is so much more confident about what to do on the court."
  • Boys and Girls Divisions "He wishes it was more than just once per week!"
  • Unique Scoring Rules and Formats "It's the perfect complement to AAU and 5 on 5 basketball."

MLK 2018 Crafty Team 3x3 Tournament Winners

Crafty Basketball 3x3

Based in Massachusetts, the founding members of the Crafty Basketball 3x3 team are basketball purists at heart who believe that smart, team basketball is beautiful basketball.   We are committed to providing innovative ways for towns, schools, and programs to develop talent and knowledge for the game through 3 on 3 leagues and tournaments. 

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